This was one of those days where I spend all my time serving other because I am just that nice. First of all, I worked. Yes, TECHNICALLY they pay me, but since I’m unsupervised which we all know means I COULD just slack off, the fact that I don’t ought to count for something. Right?

In addition to working hard for my company, I met a friend for lunch and took the opportunity to set her up on Facebook, Linkedin and Google Plus. She’s starting a new business and needed to get online and since I LIVE online, asked me for help. So I helped her because I’m a giver. And she bought lunch.

THEN I went to an estate sale and bought some jewelry for my mom. I made the mistake of telling my friend John about it. He strolled up 30 minutes late, saw something I had bought, and begged until I gave it to him. I totally wanted to keep the Kappa Sig paddle from 1936, but I decided to give it to him since we’re friends and he’s my boss, but mostly that last one.

Finally, I came home and took Moon shopping. She’s going to a birthday party and we picked up a couple of things for her friend, but Moon just had to have a new outfit, too.





Soft camouflage jogging pants and matching exclamation shirt – of course!

At least I had something to occupy my time. I gave up on Lost. I saw through 3 seasons, but the fourth was making me crazy with the future flash-forwards, blah, blah, blah so I just went straight to the finale and watched the last 12 minutes. Fast-forwarding to the end saved me from enduring a lot of boring stuff.

I should get one of those for this blog.

One thought on “Justice

  1. Moon sure is going to look cute in the new outfit. Do home school kids have to wear an uniform?

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