Just So You Know

1. I took a poll today. The question was “Which celebrity is most YOU?” The choices were Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Lopez, and Nicole Richie. I answered purely based on the size of my butt.

2. I read a blog every day that’s all about fashion. It’s written by two gay guys who call their readers “kittens”. I may steal that. “I’m off to play bridge, Kittens!” It has a nice ring.

3. I came up with a word for the Urban Dictionary. It’s Slanghai – stealing someone else’s slang and claiming it as your own. Yeah, that’s mine. You’re welcome.

4. I read that Israel has developed a Stink Bomb. Supposedly it smells so bad, people just fall down and puke. At my house, we call that Gitzo’s Breath.

5. My favorite Facebook post of the day was from my friend Ken.

“Maybe I don’t have it so bad.”

I agree.

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