Juicy Juicy Juicing Juicefest

Guess what, I’m juicing! That’s right, Monday was Day One of my 1 to 30 day juice (and raw food) fast. If you’re new to this blog, you should know that the chances of me actually completing 30 days of just juice (and raw food) are about 100 to 1. I base this on the 100 other diets I’ve tried and failed. That means this is time is the 1! The goal is between 1 and 30 days or my goal weight, which ever comes first. FYI, my goal weight will probably increase as the days pass.

So, why am I juicing? Because I want to get healthy. And by “healthy”, I mean skinny. I saw a photo the other day of a woman my age and she looked so FIT and so STRONG and, frankly, it pissed me off. Why am I laying around and slowly melting into the couch? I’m ready to get this diet under control and get FIERCE.

Why not some other diet? I’m over trying to figure out my points, and carbs and what has gluten. Juicing feels very simple. If it’s juice, I can have it. If it’s not juice, put it DOWN.

What am I juicing? This morning I juiced what I had:

Breakfast: 4 carrots, 2 apples, 1 clementine and a bunch of broccoli.

I would describe it as “unoffensive”. It did the job and I could get it down without gagging. I was even invited to lunch today at my favorite Mexican restaurant and while everyone else devoured the cheese dip, I asked for a glass of ice and drank my juice. I may only be “that girl” for a few days but I’m going to work it while I can.

This afternoon I went to the store. I could have looked around the internet and found a juice/grocery plan, but I went with the old “Let’s see what they have at Kroger” approach.  I bought what was cheap and scored a few things off the Manager’s Special table.

After work snack: Mustard greens, radish, and pear.


It was SPICY, but again, not too bad. It takes a lot of mustard greens to make a small amount of juice, so when this bag is gone I’ll try something else.

For dinner I wanted to try something different – a Bloody Mary. I could have used the V8 in the fridge but that seemed like cheating so I made my own:

Dinner: 2 tomatoes, 1 stalk of celery, handful of spinach and a SMALL radish. Also, vodka.

This was my least favorite and a real waste of vodka. Oh well, I’ve got plenty of more days to perfect my recipes.

Or not, depending on how hungry I get.



2 thoughts on “Juicy Juicy Juicing Juicefest

  1. Juicing sounds kind of expensive, not to mention blahhhh. But if it works, I’m all for it.

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