It’s Monday, M’ladies!

Guess who went to Medieval Times? You’ve not BEEN to Medieval Times? What, do you hate history or something? Well, for those of you who aren’t fortunate enough to live just over an hour and two major interstates away from the castle, let me enlighten you. It’s a CASTLE, in a mall, where you eat chicken and ribs with your bare hands the way they did it back in the day; and you drink your tomato soup straight from the bowl like manly men did before we got all fancy and high-falutin with our spoons.

I brought Moon so I could write it off on my taxes as a history lesson. I taught her how to bang her pewter mug and yell, “WENCH, where’s my ale??” There’s a reason it’s not called the MedFriendly period.

While we were waiting for our chicken so we could rip the flesh from it’s bones, the king invited us to partake in a fair. Knights from various far away lands came together to compete in a family-friendly battle to the DEATH. We were on team Red/Yellow.

He was a strapping young lad who would not throw me a flower no matter how many times I stole Moon’s banner and frantically waved it at him.

Which made his passing a little easier to take.

Moon LOVED it, especially the horses. I enjoyed the show, but for 70 bucks, I would prefer not to throw up my chicken a few hours later.

Because this kingdom was located in the Land of Retail, I did some shopping. And because the Land of Retail wasn’t created yesterday, there was tons of stuff for kids.

M’lady’s underwear was showing a bit, but other than that, I thought she did well. Telling her it was a Water Walking Death Match really helped her attitude.

6 thoughts on “It’s Monday, M’ladies!

  1. Looks like great fun – I think the lesson learned would be to wear pants in the water bubble.

  2. I want to go next trip up there to see you all! And, Moon (The Rach) gets prettier every time I see her pictures. She is going to have to come this summer and spend some time with us! She can ride at Patricia Garbutt’s stables, and we’ll go fishing……………..DE

  3. I think I need to add a few of those balls to my survival stockpile. One of those could turn a tsunami into a tsuawesome.

    Wonder how zombie resistant they would be……

  4. There appears to be about 5 minutes of air in one. They’re on sale for 600 bucks each, but I believe the weight limit is 150 pounds!

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