It’s Almost Over

The holidays are almost done and 2014 will soon be just a memory. I’m okay with that. Mainly because I’ve eaten myself into a coma over the past ten days and I am hoping 2015 will bring me some new willpower. Either that or the government needs to ban food.

It started with a week in the North Georgia mountains. We met some friends for a week of card-playing, pork-eating, craft-doing fun. I think it was a huge success in that our kids had a blast, we made some fun vintage ornaments, and we taught our husbands to play bridge. It required a lot of patience, but because we’re smart and thought to bring our liquor, we made it.

As soon as we cleaned up the wrapping paper from Christmas, we jumped in the truck and headed to Tennessee. It. Was. Wild. Seriously, at one point there were 17 adults and 6 kids hanging in the kitchen and talking all at once. We had a huge time playing games and eating everything in sight. It was so bad that we all collectively decided to go on a detox diet IMMEDIATELY. Tania-the-Mad and I ran to the store to get fruit and spinach and everything else we could find. Then we made blackish smoothies that we forced everyone to drink. The good news is that they were good. The bad news is that we drank smoothies AND continued to eat.

We finally got home today and I’m not going to lie, it’s really hard to get motivated to work. As soon as I get going, I’ll just have to quit and start preparing for the New Year’s Eve celebration. We’re having our friends Brat and Kit over for an exciting evening of card playing. I’m not sure what we’ll have for dinner, but Brat’s a big fan of pecan pie.

pecanI’m sure this raw, vegan version will be just as good. C’mon 2015, let’s do this thing!




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