It’s a Monday Morning Recap!

Good Morning, Kittens. I know this blog post is late, but I started writing it last night and just gave up. I was too tired to think about it and was having one of those, “Why do I blog ANYWAY?” moments. But it’s a new day and everything is clearer. I blog because my life is too exciting NOT to share.

I spent Friday with baby Allison. She didn’t go to daycare because she was feeling poorly. At least that’s what she told her parents. The truth is that I’m the most awesome person she knows and she likes me better than everyone else. Hey, it’s what she SAID. We spent several hours on the couch watching Masterpiece Theater’s new Sherlock Holmes series. It is GREAT. If you don’t have Netflix, get it – the game is afoot! See how exciting I am? Daycare can’t compete.

After she left, I fell into a deep coma and didn’t wake up again until Saturday morning.

I did have one vague dream of JD handing me my phone to tell me I’d missed a call.┬áThen I woke up and found all my contacts had been deleted. Thank you, JD. Saturday, I went to the library to work on my book. Yes, THAT book. But I was interrupted by a call from a strange number (again, thank you Honey) and told that there was a pre-sale, estate sale going on right this very minute! So I dropped everything and went to the, and I’m not making this up, condemned house of a hoarder. I walked goat trails and wore a mask so I could look for stuff! Turns out it was just a tease and I couldn’t actually have anything yet. Dang those hoarders and their tricks! But I got a good look around so when they hold the ACTUAL sale, I’ll know which trail to head down first.

After that experience, we were all in the shopping mood, so we went to the MALL where Moon picked out clothes for school and JD and I decided we could just cancel our health insurance or do without eating for a month or so. Yes, we went to Justice. Moon is looking fine in her new saucy hat that she’s worn every second since we bought it.

Sunday, JD and I saw a movie. Well, first my parents came to town for about five minutes. After they left, we dropped in unexpectedly on a friend. A friend who’s daughter just happens to be Moon’s BFF. Surprise – the girls wanted to play together. So we went to see Crazy, Stupid, Love.

It was an enjoyable two hours and I learned that divorce causes all kinds of problems and I’ll probably not be getting one of those. And also, that Ryan Gosling is a fine actor. Very FINE.

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