Is it over already?

How can it be Monday? I REALLY need one more day. Can we all just agree to make this Sunday 2.0?

Friday, the Moon stayed home from school, JD moaned around all day, I had to work. Work,even though, and I think I’ve made this perfectly clear, I was sick TOO. By Saturday, the two of them were feeling well enough to leave the house, and I spent the day doing what I usually avoid like the plague – cleaning. That’s right, while at death’s door, I somehow managed to strip the beds, fold laundry, clean up all of the used tissues, and sweep. For the first time in months I’m actually low on cleaning supplies. That almost never happens. Seriously, I probably spend $32.00 a year and that’s mainly on those stupid Swifer refills.

Sunday we went to church and then I came home and took a nap. When I woke up, JD had taken the MoonPie to a friend’s house, and I was all alone. So sad. I had to just crawl BACK in bed and nurse my devastation through hours and hours of NetFlix.

Side note, what I saw over the weekend: Happy Accident, strange but I like strange, The Karate Kid, new version with Will Smith’s son, and Ondine, also strange but good if you like strange.

How am I supposed to work after that? I can’t just start doing all of the creative stuff I do with no warm up. I need at least one day of work stretching. I don’t want to pull a muscle. Here’s what I’ll do, maybe start slow by leaving a comment on a blog or two,then I’ll  ‘like” someone’s Facebook status, next, a pithy email to an old friend. That ought to do it for tomorrow. Then by Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest, I’ll be up and running at full speed.

Now I’m going to lay down. I sat up too fast and the room is spinning. You have my permission to take it slow too. Let me know if you need a note.

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