Interesting to at Least Two People

Moon and I went to church tonight and as we were leaving, I stopped to talk to one of the super cool people that just happen to go to my church. This is one of the girls that you think, “Dang, can I have a do over and be like HER?” Anyway, she asked why I wasn’t in church on Sunday, (take note – that is a very rare occurrence, worth comment because I am typically holding the door OPEN) and I mentioned that I was in Tennessee for a family reunion. She asked, where in Tennessee, and when I said, “Livingston”, the girl GASPED. Literally, gasped! Turns out she spent all her summers in Livingston, that it was a source of great joy, and no one ever knows where it is. Yeah, I get that a lot.

Here’s the fun part – I know all of her family.  My nephew’s first cousin is married to HER cousin. We’re practically related! In fact, JD and I were at her cousin’s wedding and so was SHE. And my mama told me on the way home that her aunt bought my cousin’s house! We could have totally run around together back in 1983 when I was 17, except for the fact she had yet to be born.

Here are a few pictures for Ashley –

The courthouse on the square. When I was young, old men used to sit around it and whittle. When my mom was young, teenagers used to park around it and pick each other up. True story – my mom was on the square one night with a friend when  my dad rolled up and asked her if she wanted a ride. When she said yes, he asked what happened to her broom. Now you know where I get it.

This is the Mofield house where my mom had a bed and breakfast for a while. It is across the street from Ashley’s grandfather. I had my wedding reception here. Uncle Bruce and Brian played music on that side porch! The day before the wedding, the sewer backed up and the whole house stunk. Her grandfather probably refers to it as “The Weekend I Considered Selling.”

I can only remember eating here once, but it was a popular place when I was young. When I was in high-school, we would ride up and down the streets, turning around in the parking lot and heading back to the other end of town, then back again. From six to eleven p.m., every Friday and Saturday night, for three years. The teen years were very exciting ones.

This is me and JD back when he had hair. And I was a size 0. Oh wait, this is not us, it just LOOKS a lot like us. This is Ashley’s cousin, his wife, and their beautiful son, that JD photographed several years ago. Small world or WHAT?

I should have known Ashley was related – beauty runs in the family.

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