In lieu of a gift…


How about a Birthday Shout-out? Awesome Alex is 15 today. Whoo HOO! I’d like to take a moment and acknowledge that I’m the worst, birthday-card sender in the world. WHY I began doing birthday shout-outs is beyond me…I almost always forget them. And even when I do remember, I can never get a gift in the mail on time. Oh, maybe THAT’s why the Birthday Shout-out began. Cause this is WAY better than money, anyway. Right?

Okay, the card is in the mail. Now…about Alex.


Isn’t the pretty?  She’s also smart, and kind, and thoughtful. I know what you’re thinking – “Wow, just like Zolligirl!”. Believe it or not, she’s related on JD’s side. But the resemblance IS uncanny.


A teenager. Time flies by, doesn’t it? When I first met Alex, she was just a baby, crawling around and doing her own thing. I remember being struck by how happy she was, going her own way, far from the crowd. She was a very DEEP baby. Or she might have been looking for a bean under the couch; she was a BABY, how should I know what she was thinking??


No, I’m sure she was seeking alone time to contemplate some greater truth. Cause that’s the way she is. Alex visits every summer with her sister, Nolan, and she can go from “high school boys” to the” meaning of life”  in a second. The fact that I know almost nothing about either subject doesn’t seem to bother her.


She is a talented singer, a great volleyball player, a WICKED fanatic, a Christian role model, and an all-around good kid. And because she has lived so much of her life FIVE hours away, I’ve almost NO embarrassing photos of her.



Happy Birthday, ALEX! We love you!

Aunt Z, Uncle JD, and the Moon.

4 thoughts on “In lieu of a gift…

  1. Well…………..If you want to know what Stacy looked like and acted at that age, here she is! Tough as a nut and would pitch a fit if I left the house to go fly the Cessna without her. “Do the “Ferris Wheel, daddy!”

  2. I cant believe its been alomst 3 years since we got married. We looked at this pictures and reminds us again of that special day. You guys are awesome and did an amazing job, we really love the work you guys did. I dont know if you guys remember but you sold me one of the biggest picture frames you guys have and we got our picture framed in it, all of our friends that come over are like DAAAM thats an awesome picture and they envy us. We glady say thank you and tell them that we got it done in Tamayo Studio. Keep up the good work you guys are amazing and we are glad we chose you

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