I’m sick, Mother!


I don’t have any childhood memories of laying in bed sick, propped up on pillows, watching TV and eating chicken soup. This is the conversation my mother and I had every time I was ill.

Me: I’m sick.

Mom: Hmm. Take an aspirin.

Me: I think I have a fever.

Mom: Nope. You’re not even warm.

Me: Shouldn’t I go to the doctor?


How is it possible that I never once had a fever my entire life? Seriously. Once, I woke up and drove myself to the hospital because I knew waking my mother was pointless. And yes, I had STREP throat. I was miserable!. An ex-boyfriend even felt bad for me and brought me soup. My mother, I’m sure she pointed to the aspirin bottle.

This morning I woke up with aches and pains, a headache, a sore throat and a runny nose. I think my chest is congested too. I am very, very, very sick. And I probably got everyone at the Bridge Club sick today too! What? My mom always taught me – you can be sick sitting up as well as you can be sick laying down. I’m going to look for the aspirin.

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