I’m In A Mood

And it ain’t a good one. It probably stems from the fact I had to go into work today. That’s two meetings in three days! Luckily my fat pants were where I’d dropped them 2 days ago so I didn’t have to go through all the running around and searching. I probably should get those suckers dry cleaned at some point.

So, it’s Valentine’s Day. I remember when this was a big deal. A quiet dinner out to eat, dressing up in something pretty, getting chocolate. Now there are NO quiet dinners, ever, and all my pretty clothes are out-of-date and 3 sizes too small, and chocolate is on the forbidden list. Why are we wasting time and money looking for a cure for cancer when we should be investing in time travel? Hey, you could travel back to a time when you were cancer-free AND a size 2 that could still eat chocolate. Win-win.

This year JD and I will be hosting Moon and her cohorts for another sleepover. And that is all I have to say about that. Except that I called my mother and she said that she didn’t miss those days and that me and my cousins were the worst and it will not get any better and I’ll always have a house full and be exhausted until Moon leaves for college.

I’m trying to relax and get all the tv time I can before my house is taken over. Is anyone watching American Idol? I’ve barely seen it at all. I’m suddenly all involved in episodic television: Revenge, Nashville, Downton Abbey, Continuum, The Following, Smash, Grimm, Bunheads, Dallas, Grey’s Anatomy and Elementary. To name a few.

Also, books.

Quite the exciting life, huh? Well, I’m off to clean my house and prepare for the pre-teen party. My house is STILL not clean from the last time they were here. I just never seem to have the time.

It must be the meetings.

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