I’m Famous and Influential

There are days when I feel like a nobody just hanging out here in the suburbs. Just kidding, I NEVER feel like that. I feel awesome and important, and today I have proof that I am.

First, my mother-in-law sent me an article from her local newspaper. Seems that they did a little profile on yours truly.


Profile might be too strong of a word, but my name was in the story caption. And they spelled it correctly! Never mind that I look like I weigh 312 pounds, the important thing is that of all the people they could have chosen for the story, they chose ME. And my partner who just happened to be the daughter of Al Decker, the person for whom they named the tournament.

As if that wasn’t enough to get my head spinning, this was ALSO in today’s mail.


That’s right, a personal letter from Mr. 41 himself. Our newly elected Senator, Scott Brown says my “contribution was instrumental” in getting him elected, lowering your taxes, and basically keeping you safe from terrorism. You have me and my massive contribution to thank. And it was MASSIVE. Do you have any idea how far $25.00 dollars will go at a yard sale?

I’m expecting to receive an invitation to Washington at any moment. Or at least an autographed copy of Cosmo, whichever.

3 thoughts on “I’m Famous and Influential

  1. What you will receive every day in your mail box letters begging for more money. It is one way of making sure someone writes to you.

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