I’m Easily Influenced

Because we’ve A) recently discovered the joy of streaming shows on Netflix, and B) have had a lot of down time due to the holidays, I’ve been watching 30 Rock , the comedy created by Tina Fey. Back-to-back episodes for two weeks and  I’m now almost done with Season 4. This means I’ve watched approximately 75 episodes -1650 minutes or 27.5 hours – of Liz Lemon. Now I find myself craving street-vendor hotdogs, and looking for homeless people to shove. The other night MoonPie was whining about something and I’m like, “Hey! We killed the whiny kid skit two days ago! What-the-WHAT?

The problem is that Season 4 is the last one on Netflix! Yes, THAT is the problem. So what am I going to do? Are there other situation comedies that I could watch and learn from? What else have I missed? I heard there was one about a group of friends that might be good for someone like me. Golden Girls, I think. Sounds perfect – I wonder if they play bridge.

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