I’m Annoying

This might not be the best time to hang out with me. Basically, all conversations are a variation of the examples listed below:

1) ┬áHusband: Do you feel like steak tonight? I think we’re out of gas but I could run and get some for the grill. How does that sound?

Me: Does this have Kingdom consequences?

Husband: Uh… probably not?


2) Husband: I’m resetting the modem.

Me: In INDIA, I didn’t even have a modem.

Husband: Can you believe the pollen count is so high?

Me: Does this have Kingdom consequences?

I’m sure I’ll get over it eventually. It’s just one of those things people go through. People that are cool, international travelers on a quest of transformation that is.

2 thoughts on “I’m Annoying

  1. Yeah, get over it. And while your sitting around with nothing to do, call our Brother and ask him if his modem is down. I haven’t seen an updated Blog from him in forever. Did he go to India too?

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