Ignorance is bliss

Have you heard I’m going on a trip? Yeah, in just a few days I’ll be  panicking riding on a jet plane bound for India. I’ll be the guest of a friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, in a city that I’m not allowed to mention. Since I’ve never BEEN to India, I enjoy reading her updates on FaceBook. Here are a few things I’ve gleaned from her posts over the past few weeks.

  • It was 105 degrees.
  • The electricity went out.
  • Thus no water was available.
  • But there were plenty of mosquitoes.
  • And at least one cobra.
  • And several growling rats.

I can see why she wants to keep the location quiet. Visitors must be a constant problem.

8 thoughts on “Ignorance is bliss

  1. At least you won’t have to stand in line for anything except the airplane coming home. You will be the first one on it and kiss our soil when you get home.

  2. Or maybe there’s something AWESOME there. Why else would people stay? I think it’s a bunch of hooey to keep out tourists.

  3. ha ha. Let’s re-retry that. It’s beautiful and sunny right now. Think BEACH. There are several rare forms of wildlife to be seen around the campus. Including daytime animals in their natural habitat as well as nocturnal creatures. Did I mention the exotic cuisine? As far as the night watchman goes…..well….let’s just say our community has the best in round the clock security. All in all, it’s kind of like a rustic resort. You’re gonna love it.

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