If You Don’t Use It

I used to be an Activities Director at a retirement community. I LOVED working with the elderly, but I noticed a disturbing trend. The moment they moved in to the community, they forgot every skill they no longer needed. This was INDEPENDENT living, and most all of these people moved straight from their own home, where they’d been living alone. Day Two would go like this:

(Ring, Ring) Me: Hello?

Senior: Hello, This is Sally Ellison in apartment 2120. Can you please come and flush my toilet?

Me: I’ll send John right up.

I mean, they would be awesome, active people. They played bridge, went on trips, balanced their checkbooks, but if there was someone around to do the job FOR them, they’d pass. Not everyone obviously, but enough to annoy me. Okay, maybe just that one lady, that one time, but I’m easily annoyed.

Anyway, I used to work in Atlanta. I worked for writers off Freedom Parkway, photo labs on 10th, and a photographer in Buckhead. Then I moved to the suburbs and suddenly I’m like, ME? Drive to Atlanta? But that would entail the IN-TER-STATE.  I am Granny Grunt, driving 30 miles an hour in the fast lane with my blinker on for 12 miles.

What happened? I don’t know, but it’s scary. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t have a lot of skills left to lose. I’m pretty much down to sarcasm and turning on the TV, and that remote is starting to mess with my head.

4 thoughts on “If You Don’t Use It

  1. You are saying it is a good thing that I have to do everything myself. I am luckier than I thought.

  2. You had skills? I am so jealous! Whenever I buy socks, I buy 1 dozen identical pairs of new socks, and throw away all my old socks because I can’t match socks.

    I also can’t properly sort laundry, or load the dishwasher, according to she who must be obeyed. Apparently my limited skills allow me to mow the grass, and swat bugs.

    I am kinda good (good?) at that sarcasm stuff, too, or so I’ve been told a couple thousand times. Maybe not some much on quality, but at least quantity!

    So are you playing at the big bridge tournament in Norcross this week?

  3. Hey!
    I’m considering going on Saturday. It’s awfully far, but I am trying. Are you guys going to be there?

  4. Every day…

    My bridge addiction makes your bridge addiction look like an occasional interest.

    We usually play twice a week, and at least 1 tournament every month, sometimes two. I would play more, but my wife is so unreasonable. She wants me to make enough money every month to pay all the bills, and buy food. And so I have to keep the job, which severely limits how much bridge I can play. So while I am working today, guess where she is? That’s right, playing bridge…

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