If Money Grew on Trees, Mine would have Blight

After Friday’s fun adventure on the water, I woke up thinking about how I NEEDED a bigger boat. Not a huge boat, but something that would fit 10 – 12 people comfortably, pull skiers out of the water three at a time, and maybe have a couple of necessities, like a heater and a bed. So I grabbed a cup of coffee and my laptop , settled on the couch and began searching the internet. When I didn’t find the exact thing I wanted for under $2000, I decided to jump up and run to a few yard sales. You never know what you’re going to find, amirght?

While I didn’t find a boat, I did have a new yard sale experience. As I approached one garage, the lady hosting the sale began picking everything up and putting it away. She leaned toward me and whispered, “I’m closing down. My ex is here and he’s pitching a fit!” Bummer. It didn’t stop me from looking around anyway, but between her yelling, “Put your crap in your truck right now or it’s going in the trash!” and him grabbing a camera and shouting, “I’m just documenting what you’re doing here!” I couldn’t find ANYTHING good. People are so rude.

Since the sales were a bust, I headed back home only to find that while I was away, my computer and my coffee had hooked up on the couch and not in a good way. Argh. I packed up Mac and headed to the genius bar sure that it could be fixed. And I was right. They COULD fix it for only EIGHT HUNDRED FORTY NINE DOLLARS! Yes, I screamed, what about it? I came home to talk it over with JD, also known as “Never met a Mac I didn’t want to own” and he said that since a new computer was only $400 more, we should just go ahead and buy a new one. Shocking. Good-bye boat.

Sunday, we went to church where our pastor talked about how our kids usually become what we are, (thanks for the great news), and then we drove back to the Mac store to make our purchase. I got to spend a pleasant Sunday afternoon reloading 85 programs, reinstalling my Outlook, and moving 9,243 gigs of important files that I had forgotten about and have no idea what they are.

Monday, Moon decided to let her Nexus tablet hook-up with the floor, which did not end any better than my computer and coffee date had. I thought when our pastor said she’d end up like us he meant SPIRITUALLY. We haven’t replaced her tablet yet, but I made her write a plan on how she’d pay us back if and when we do. Let’s just say she’s counting heavily on her birthday gifts from the grandparents to make any necessary payments. Wow, she really IS like us.

4 thoughts on “If Money Grew on Trees, Mine would have Blight

  1. I don’t think even Brother can find a saying for this. I talk to you in private.

  2. “I finally figured out that not every crisis can be managed. As much as we want to keep ourselves safe, we can’t protect ourselves from everything. If we want to embrace life, we also have to embrace chaos.”
    ? Susan Elizabeth Phillips

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