I watch movies

I went all day without winning a contest, playing bridge OR garnering a great literary review, so I’ve got nothing to share. It’s hard to blog an ordinary life. How DID my brother do it for so long?

Anyway, with nothing exciting going on, I thought I’d show you one of my favorite websites. Trailer Addict is a site of movie trailers. That’s it – trailers. I rarely get to go to the movies but I do enjoy seeing what’s out there. And then I enjoy NOT going to movies.

There’s a lot of scary movies and I don’t do scary movies. Case 39 looks especially creepy. Here’s how it works – I watch the trailer, don’t go see it, read the review, then after it’s been out, read the whole plot on Wikipedia. I get the whole movie AND save 10.00 in the process. I may be a genius. Or at least cheap.

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