I Want To Go Home Again

I want to move back. I want to wake up in the morning to this view:

I want to walk over to my mom’s house and eat biscuits with chocolate gravy for breakfast, and my dad’s sliced potatoes with mushroom soup. I want to have coffee with my family and watch the sun come up and listen to the dogs chase each other off the porch.

I want to meet my friend Gina for lunch and laugh about something silly we did thirty years ago and take a long drive down to Dale Hollow Lake just because. I want to visit with Penny at the cabin her husband built and tease her son until he turns red and walk around their property admiring the roses she transplanted from her grandmother’s house.

I want to go home again and take JD and Moon so they can experience Sunday dinners at Aunt Fay’s house. I want to sit in a lawn chair in the back yard with my cousin Ginger and talk about all the trouble we might get into while my parent’s shake their heads like they don’t know what they’re going to do with us.¬† I want to listen to Brian and Ralph and Pa Lewis play music, while JD and I watch Moon playing in the yard with her cousins. I want the young ones to tease us about the trouble they’re going to get into while the rest of us shake our heads and wonder what we’re going to do with them.

I want to go out with my husband and listen to Ken and Steve and David and Mike play at ear splitting decibles, and drink a beer out of a red, Solo cup and I want the band to quit at 11:30 so we can all go home and be in bed by midnight while pretending its because they quit instead of because we’re old and sleepy.

I want to get together with all of my old classmates at least once a year and remember all of the fun times we’ve shared and all of the good friends we’ve lost and appreciate each other in ways that we couldn’t back when we were teenagers. I want to get to know their spouses and hear about their children, and hug them when they’re blue and pray with them when their kids are hurt and generally just hang out.


But since¬† I can’t go home, at least for now, I want to remember every day how incredibly blessed I’ve been and how blessed I AM to have so many awesome people in my life.

That, I can totally do.

3 thoughts on “I Want To Go Home Again

  1. Glad you had a great week end – I enjoyed it too. Now I am going to sit on the porch, drink my coffee, listen to the morning noises and wish everyone
    was back home.

  2. There’s no place like home, Dorthy. Click your heels together three times and see if it works. Let me know if it does and I’ll try it next.

  3. Sounds like the perfect plan to me. Hope you are having a super birthday. I just wish we had the band sing Happy Birthday to you Saturday. DURN!!!!

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