I want out, but they suck me back in!

I haven’t been posting about coupons lately, because we really haven’t been using them as much. I’ve noticed that the same things tend to go on sale, and we still have tons left. Cereal? 8 boxes. Ice-cream? A freezer full. Mustard? You don’t want to know. As a family, we seem to have a FAIR amount of restraint. Well, most of us.


These two? They not only eat all of their food, they routinely break into the bathroom and eat me out of Tums and Hall’s. Luckily, the Coupon Cartel gave me a lead on a great dog food deal.


I got everything you see here, 9 ┬ámedium size bags of dog food, 4 small pouches, and about 15 small cans, for the amazingly low price of FREE! That’s right – completely and totally free. It was easy – I just matched a coupon in the paper, with an online coupon from Target. No fuss and the dog’s LOVE it.

The fact that I had to drive to 4 Target’s, from Acworth to Alpharetta, in the rain, and over 2 days is completely beside the point.

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