I steal more cool ideas!

I found this on A Holy Experience. She got it from a reader, who probably stole it from someone else.

Anyway, you start with a box/can/anything that can be sealed. I stole this from Cobb Pregnancy on Saturday. It was empty so I didn’t figure they’d be too upset.

Have your munchkin decorate it. It’s an Easter thing, so go for a Holy Theme.

Cut up strips of paper. Between now and Easter, write down things you want to say “sorry” for. Dear CPS, I’m sorry I stole your empty coffee can. Put them in the Redemption Container you made.

We will keep adding to it and decorating it till Easter when we will throw it away to symbolize Jesus casting away our sins as far as the East is from the West.

Pretty awesome, huh?

Me: “So then, on Easter, guess what we do?”

MoonPie: “We READ them!”

Me: “No, we throw them away.”

MoonPie: “Awww. Cant’ we read them first?”

I’ll leave that decision up to you.

3 thoughts on “I steal more cool ideas!

  1. About the 2 previous responses, ouch! Your mom and JD, I guess your humour has rubbed off on them. : ) Now I understand why responses aren’t posted on the original page.

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