I steal ideas

Hey, when it comes to Homeschooling – all’s fair in love and war! I found this on another blog, thought I’d try it, and since it seems to be working, am passing it along.

One of the things we struggle with, is getting the MoonPie to finish her work on a timely basis. Sometimes she whips through her worksheets like her pencil’s on fire, other times she can spend a hour doodling in the margins.

Enter the Bingo Card.


Now, I hand her a worksheet, and we negotiate how long it should take. She says 2 hours, I say 10 minutes and we meet somewhere in the middle. Then I go to an Online Stopwatch site and start the countdown. If she finishes in time, she gets to put a sticker on a square. Once it’s covered, we’re heading to Build-a-Bear, or Sparkles, whatever floats her boat.

She’s been getting her schoolwork done quickly, and it’s shown me how fast she can go when properly motivated.

It doesn’t, however, seem to work on husbands. But then again, what does?

Don’t answer that.

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