I remember..


Playing for hours on that swing set. I’d go out the sliding glass doors to the backyard, where there was usually two huge piles – one of sand and one of limestone. It was awesome.  I remember walking barefoot on gravel, and digging in the dirt, and sitting on the front porch watching all the Zollicoffer action happening at the bottom of the hill.

I love looking at old pictures. I have so many questions. Like why would a child walk around barefoot on gravel? That must have hurt! And my dad was a contractor – you KNOW there were nails and screws laying hidden in the dirt. And those piles of sand/limestone were huge! Couldn’t a kid suffocate or something? Why is the poor thing outside half naked? WHO cut her hair and what did they do with the bowl??? Why was her nickname “changeling”? Is it too late to sue?

I remember people! I remember a lot. And I have a blog!

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