I may have issues

My emails are annoying me. Why do I have to think about this NOW? It’s the weekend, I don’t feel like dealing with you.

Facebook is annoying me. Keep your foolish comments to yourself! Maybe I should defriend you. Nah, too confrontational. Maybe I’ll just “hide” all of your silliness. Or better yet, never get on Facebook again!

This book is annoying me. It’s stupid. Why didn’t you address that problem in the fourth chapter? I had to read all that way to answer an obvious question that you should have mentioned long ago. And now you’ve written a sequel? Why would I want to read MORE about this stupid story?

That actor is annoying me. Shut up. Your movie is stupid and boring. Pick a better script next time. Don’t you have people you can pay to help you with this? I want my two hours back!

You politicians are annoying me. Could you tell the truth is your life depended on it? Do you think we are stupid? Why are you wasting our money? You’re like kids on spring break with your mother’s credit card. I think you should all be arrested.

This message brought to you by:

You might want to stay away for awhile.

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