I Know Nothing

This weekend was full of things I thought I knew, but didn’t. It’s like High School all over again! First of all, Thursday. I THOUGHT my mother and Aunt Fay were coming to town so we could hit some yard sales, but then my mom showed up ALONE. What the what? Mom said that Fay called right before she left saying she was “under the weather”. When someone in my family misses a yard sale, under the weather can only mean one of two things:

A. They are dying. Aunt Fay has been talking about coming here for months, so the only thing that could stop her would be death. I was just about to call Sells Funeral Home and book the parlor, when it occurred to me that Aunt Fay had just come back from a trip to the beach and that she looked awfully healthy in the Facebook photos, so maybe under the weather meant –

B. She doesn’t like us. This is not uncommon in our family, especially when we spend a lot of time together. This is probably the most reasonable answer and was pretty much confirmed when mom called her a few hours after being here and surprise, Fay had made a remarkable recovery.

Later, she called and asked me to tell my mother to stop and buy her some Vidalia onions and I said I would, but then I threw the message away because who wants to spend money on onions for someone who may or may not be dying and probably doesn’t like us?

Saturday, my mom left town in a fairly full truck and I prepared for the Youth/Parent dinner. Since it was also our monthly Supper Club, JD and I were splitting duties. He was going to cook something yummy and go to supper club, while Moon and I were going to show up at the Youth/Parent dinner for some delicious barbeque. Except that it turns out it was actually a Youth Parent’s Dinner and kids weren’t invited. Which, let’s face it, is WAY better. But then I got there and found out that the mock-tails they were serving meant “fake” and not that we were going to drink them and mock people, so it wasn’t quite as exciting as I’d hoped. Then they told us how we can’t just expect the Church to lead our kids spiritually but that WE as parents need to be engaged, to not just tell our kids how to live, but to BE what we want our children to be.

Which I would TOTALLY be up for except that I have a pretty full plate, what with my poor Aunt Fay dying. Also, I’ve been a tad under the weather.

3 thoughts on “I Know Nothing

  1. Last I heard Fay was still alive and wanted her last supper to be Vidalia onions.
    Since she didn’t get any she will have to wait until next January for the supper and maybe she will get better by then.

  2. You can cancel the funeral for Aunt Faye. She is going to be around for sometime telling you to slow down or you will get a ticket.

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