I get no sympathy

Even though I wrote a very explicit post about how many “special days” there are in October, and that I just don’t have the TIME to do shout-outs for everyone, my sister left the following comment:

You do realize this is a daily blog, right? No one’ date is the same, so you could actually blog about each person on their chosen date and still have days left over to blog about coupons, bridge, and kitchen blunders. Just saying..

Then my mother called. “Did you see the comment your sister left? I think she was miffed!”

Me: “MOTHER! I’m busy! The shout-outs take a long time!”

Mom: “But it’s her BABY!”

Then my sister called. “Did you see my comment?”

Me: “I might have heard something about it. For twenty minutes.”

Which brings me to this: Did you know Alaska Ashleigh had a birthday the other day?


I have a lot of photos of Ashleigh. As I mentioned PREVIOUSLY, she has always been a favorite subject. Here she is with her brother posing as poor, Appalachian children. I once used it in a fundraising ad to help the children of Kentucky. Joseph looks scared. He learned early.


Let’s just say he’s one lucky boy to have grown so tall.


Here’s a picture of Ashleigh as a cute toddler, clad only in underwear. For a more current version, check out her Facebook page! Just kidding. I think. I try not to look too closely.


I always loved this shot. “Are you cold? Too bad! I’m taking pictures, stay there.” You don’t learn to be a model with coddling.

Occasionally, we’d get creative and dress up. Here she is with Tania-the-Mad.


Sweet huh? A few years later, okay, about TWENTY years later, we recreated the shot.


Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Wow, how lucky are they to have Lisa in their family? Exactly.


I’ve been amazed at how much she and Moonpie look alike. Alaska Ash is on the left, a photo I took years ago. Moon, on the right. My creative photography skills have really improved in 20 years. You might say my family’s not real big on GROWTH.


Yeah, I’m pretty sure you can say that.  Happy BELATED Birthday, Ashleigh. I LOVE YOU!


I’d like to ALSO point out the my sweet, SISTER-in-Law had a birthday. She’s made NO demands that I do a shout-out, I’ve had no phone calls from my Mother-in-Law, no pressure at ALL. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t even READ this blog.


She’s an awesome person, and I am BLESSED to have her in my life. She’s very sweet to me, and NEVER annoys me in any way. Come to think of it, she’s the sister I never HAD.

Happy Birthday STACY! I love you!

4 thoughts on “I get no sympathy

  1. Glad to see that you still do what your sister says…now, come to Livingston for Matti’s Birthday and for the Fashion Show. Remember that I’m Tania and you don’t want to make me “Mad”

  2. BTW, that sweet sister-in-law of yours will be calling you if you don’t do shout outs for her “Babies”.

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