I Finally Go Bananas

The last couple of nights, I’ve had dreams about bananas. Last night I was working on a Banana Assembly Line. When I woke up this morning, the first thing I thought was, “That is just weird,” (followed quickly by, “I am NOT looking that up in some dream interpretation book!”)

Because my dogs woke me up at 6:30 a.m., I fed them, then stumbled into the living room and logged on to Facebook. Which is when I saw that a friend had “liked” a comment from someone named Banana Girl. Well if that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is, amright Kittens?

Turns out she’s a raw, Vegan who eats 80% fruit, 10% greens and 10% nuts and weighs about 32 pounds. But when I say she eats fruit, I means she EATS FRUIT. Like a whole watermelon for breakfast. Anyway, as I was skimming her site, I saw something called the Banana Cleanse. And since I ate 40 pounds of BBQ yesterday, I thought a cleanse might be in order. So here’s the diet: Bananas. That’s it, all you eat, for a week, or 2, or FOUR. And not just a few bananas, she suggests 25. PER DAY.

Makes sense to me! So I sent JD to WalMart and had him bring me back a couple of bunches. I’m not going to lie, the first six were okay, but that 7th one about did me in. Of course it could have been the fact that I was trying to eat it while JD and Moon chowed down on more delicious smelling BBQ.

I took stock of the situation and declared myself miraculously cleansed, and helped myself to a bowl of non-raw, but still totally healthy vegetable Brunswick stew.

I still feel pretty good about the day. I somehow managed to do the 30 Day Shred exercise video. Day One, down! It’ll probably last as long as the banana diet did.

One thought on “I Finally Go Bananas

  1. Working on a banana line sounds interesting does it pay good? I dreamed I was on a school bus I guess I should sign up for a class.

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