I Don’t Even Know Where To Begin

Here are some words I never thought I’d write.  I LOST a rap battle at church. That’s right, like Eminem in the beginning of 8 Mile, I choked during the 2nd round of a rap battle and went DOWN. I’m not sure how I’ll recover, but like the Rap God himself, I’ll try and lose myself in the music next time.

Oh yeah, there will BE a next time. So if you see me over the next few weeks and I tell you that “Your days are numbered, I’m unencumbered, my rhymes are tight, so prepare for a fight”, don’t be alarmed I’m just practicing.

To prepare for the rap battle, I had to listen to a bunch of rap music which is not exactly the best thing to get you in the Christmas mood. Of course, neither is spending a ton of money and shopping constantly. I’m almost done, THANKFULLY, but I’ve still got to wrap everything and pack.

I don’t remember my mom running around like crazy. We got the Sears catalogue, circled 10 or 12 toys, then ran to the tree to get one or two that she had ordered. We also got a lot of fruit and nuts in our stockings. My mother obviously didn’t feel the pressure to over do it.

Moon is pretty easy, she just wants Star Wars stuff. Interestingly enough, that’s ALSO what JD wants. Me, I just want to relax and enjoy the holiday and remember the reason for the season.

It’s about a boy and a manger, Now death’s a stranger, and I’m a lyrical arranger.

You get the idea.


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