I Digress

Here’s why I never seem to find the time to clean house. First of all, I worked. Work has to be done on the computer, which led me to Facebook, which is when I saw that some people had commented on my update from last night about watching the Tony Awards.

Which led me to thinking about Neil Patrick Harris, and how when I saw him I thought he reminded me of someone but I couldn’t remember who. SO I had to spend some time running all of the people I’d ever seen through my head and finally it hit me. He is starting to look like that guy in that French movie with that French lady. So I had to Google French movies, but there seems to be a bunch of them, so I had to Google French actresses which FINALLY led me to Audrey Tautou, which led me to the movie, Amelie. THAT was where I saw the dude. So I Googled “Amelie cast” and found him – Dominique Pinon. WHEW.

So then I downloaded photos of both Dominique and Neil for comparison, re-sized and cropped the images and made them into a Photoshop document, made a JPEG, then emailed it to myself so I could work on it tonight.

See what I mean?

THEN I started thinking about Neil Patrick Harris and his hosting ability and how much I liked his opening but that it wasn’t as good as the 2011 Tony Awards skit where he and Hugh Jackman rocked da house! So I had to go to YouTube and find the video.

Wasn’t that awesome? And now you understand why my house is so dirty. I have to work hard to bring you people high quality blog material like this.

You’re welcome.

2 thoughts on “I Digress

  1. “They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Maybe if we all spent a little less time beholding – we’d all be a lot happier.”
    -Douglas ‘Doogie’ Howser:

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