I could use a calendar

Or a secretary. My life is a comedy of errors, without that first part. I was settled on the couch today, fireplace remote control in one hand, Netflix in the other, laptop on my, well, lap. It’s not easy to work on a laptop with both hands holding remotes but I managed. I had to get a lot of work/movie/sitting in front of the fireplace done because I was scheduled to volunteer at MP’s school at 12:45.

But then –

My friend Carolyn posted on Facebook that HER kids were getting out early, so I decided to check MP’s school website, and wouldn’t you know it? Early release at 12:10. Not one to let petty things like that interfere with such an intense schedule, I refused to bathe or change clothes. Or put on a bra. I just scooted out in my house-shoes and got in the car line. Only I was the only one IN the car line. In fact, there was no car line.

Turns out the school did away with the scheduled early release due to the snow storm a few weeks back. Hey, no need to update your WEBSITE. So there I sat at 12:15, no makeup, no shower, no BRA, and in 30 minutes I needed to be back helping young minds, grading papers, and snooping around MP’s classroom. I made it, but let’s just say I didn’t look my best.

This is a very exciting post. I was wearing house-shoes, THEN I put on real shoes.

I was thinking I should do something new – spark up the ‘ol life, spark up the blog. Like Argentine Tango lessons, or Chinese. But then I remembered that I already HAVE an exciting hobby – bridge!¬†Exciting? Uh, yeah. I made 3 No-trump this week and my partner had a void! Whew, what a rush.

Well, what did YOU do that was so wonderful?

One thought on “I could use a calendar

  1. I would like to see a picture of you going to pick Rachel up at school – you made it sound really nice.

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