I Am Innocent of Any Wrongdoing

This might shock you, but I was wrong about something a few months ago. I blogged that I’d just seen the trailer for Frozen and that it looks lame. It. Was. Not. Because we were living our own version of Frozen, we thought we’d take advantage of a free version that was floating around on the internet. Several people posted links on Facebook, I clicked it, we watched it, all was good.

In fact, it was so good that I decided to watch a few other shows. Like Pitch Perfect, Philomenia, and August: Osage County. I highly recommend them all. You might want to be careful, though. It wasn’t until I’d watched the last one that I noticed the fine print at the bottom of the website saying that while the site I was watching was, like totes legal, the movies they’d linked to were on sites that might not be. Well, thanks for THAT!

In my defense, I’d had a hard day at work. While everyone else was enjoying the day off due to weather, I had to go into work! Sure I was going IN to the living room, but still.

Moon enjoyed Day 2 of Re-education Camp and I’m happy to report we had not one incident of whining,  attitude and talking back.  At one point she even used the word COMPROMISE in a sentence. I’d say things are going well. So much so, I’ve decided to let her go without showering the rest of the week. Those rules on her arm are working, why mess with a good thing. Plus, it’s hard to ask her to do something that I’m not planning on doing myself.

One thought on “I Am Innocent of Any Wrongdoing

  1. Let’s hope she doesn’t decide that you need to write YOUR rules on YOUR arm. You might have to use the arms and the legs for that one.

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