How to cook a steak?

Because my husband does 90% of the cooking, I suffer horribly when he’s out of town. To be prepared for the next time he travels, I asked him to cook a couple of steaks so I could photograph the process. He fell for it was happy to oblige.

Start with a couple of cuts of meat. I have no idea what these are, steaks of some sort.

Drizzle them with olive oil.

Spice them and put in a hot, grill pan.

We use fancy spices – The Flavors of France. True story – we bought this tin from a 12 year old boy in the parking lot of WalMart. I wonder how he finds the time to go to France for the spices. Hmmm. Must be homeschooled.

Sear each side.

This step is not usual, but because these were so thick, he thought they’d cook better covered. I should tell you how long this was. I don’t remember.

Wow, don’t those look good? This is the point where you might want to stop reading. My husband has strong opinions about steaks and they way they should be served.


4 thoughts on “How to cook a steak?

  1. That is exactly how they are eaten at my house. Joseph says cooking them any more makes them into prehistoric chewing gum. This way they are tender.

  2. Hmmmmm…………….I wonder about those “spices’ you bought from the boy at the WalMart parking lot! Looks like “weed” to me.
    But, I taught Ace better than that on cooking steaks, although they looked a little over cooked to me. Your better restaurants have a disclaimer that states “we are not responsible for the taste or texture of any meat cooked over medium rare.” So there, all you steak eaters who want the stuff cooked to resemble a shoe sole! Tastes like shoe sole too!

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