How the Super Bowl Commercial could have been Funnier



This commercial annoyed me. You’ve got Dave on the right who never met a conservative he didn’t hate. Oprah, who isn’t satisfied with telling me what to buy for Christmas and what to read, but has now expanded into telling me how to vote. And Jay “Give me back my show” Leno. As I have mentioned, I’m firmly on Team COCO.

I get how some stupid people might have found the commercial funny, but I thought they went for the cheap laugh. With a little thought, I’m sure they could have thought of a way to make it funnier.


I did.

2 thoughts on “How the Super Bowl Commercial could have been Funnier

  1. I personally thought they should have had Coco show up, team up with Dave and start a fight with Leno (leaving Oprah in the middle getting smacked around). Now, in my imagination that was funny!! I guess that’s just my perverse sense of humor.

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