How Social Media Marketing World Saved My Marriage

When I first told JD about the social media conference put on by Social Media Examiner, he was reluctant to attend. Can we just stop there for a second and think about that? JD, husband and photographer, did not want to A) Go to San Diego, with B) his wife and C) learn about social media marketing which could totally help his business in a bazillion ways. What. The. What!

By calmly explaining all of the advantages of going to the conference and booking the flight and paying for his ticket before he could stop me, I convinced him to go. Here’s some background. Approximately 5 years ago I told my husband to blog. He didn’t. 3 years ago I told him to set up a Facebook page. He didn’t. 2 years ago, I told him to get involved with Twitter. Guess what, he didn’t!  Now I know where my daughter gets it.

Now, after two full days of social media classes, he is a ALL IN with the social media. He’s tweeted more in the last three days than he has the last three years! He’s talking about super-fans, and ROI, and HootSuite.

Here’s JD NETWORKING and enjoying every second of it. (I’m actually in the photo too, but since I’m drinking a Coke with such fervor it calls to mind a dehydrated baboon drinking from the first watering hole he’s seen in weeks, I thought I’d crop myself out of it.)

This conference gave me great hope for my marriage. I kept telling JD, “I TOLD YOU”, “SERIOUSLY, DIDN’T I TELL YOU??” and “I TOLD YOU.” I’m sure he’ll listen now when I TELL him something. And my daughter, too.

If I’m going to dream, I’m going to dream BIG.

3 thoughts on “How Social Media Marketing World Saved My Marriage

  1. I remember having the same problem with you. When I think about it no one listens to me not even the dog.

  2. Suggested titles for this blog:
    1. I Told You So,
    2. Women are Right, Men are Wrong,
    3. Yes Dear
    4. Get rid of Google, you have a Wife

  3. I know, Dear. I know. you DID tell me. you’re so smart, I should never doubt you….ever…so, how ’bout helping me with my Google+ page?!

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