*How I spend my time.

1. Taking the MP on play dates.

Okay, this was actually taken LAST year. I’ve included it for reference. Remember when MP had short hair? Remember when we had a blue pool? Good times.

Now we hang out at Jeanette’s house. Hey, she has a pool and we’re hot, so move on over.

2. Taking the dogs to the vet.

Both dogs needed ALL of their shots, heart worm medicine and their flea/tick drops. Freeda also needed a haircut and her second cosmetic surgery in a year. FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS. In 2012, I’m voting for the Universal Health Care for Dogs party.

3. Taking MP to horseback riding.

Foxberry Farms is the only place I go that I don’t take a computer. It’s very relaxing. Except for the part where it’s NERVE WRACKING as I watch my beloved daughter jump, canter and basically live dangerously for an hour.

4. Taking MP on more play dates.

Carolyn invited us over to HER pool. Since it was NOT green, and contained no tadpoles, we said yes. Plus MP LOVES her boys. She never fails to come home asking for a little brother.

5. Taking photos of friends

My friends, Patty Conley and Katie Yarbrough, held a book signing for their new book, “She Came from Alabama.” It’s a great book, and I’m not just saying that because I’m in it!

5. Taking pictures of me and the hubby.

JD and I went to a wedding this weekend. See the picture? PROOF, we were there! Looking at this photo is tough. I knew that I wasn’t looking my best, but what is up with this? My hair is laying flat on my head, my nose is an ARROW pointing to where I have no upper lip, and my bra is showing! My husband looks all handsome and wrinkle free. Life is not fair.

There you have it, a peek into world of LT. Who knows what this week will entail? I only hope my heart can take all of the excitement.

*When I’m not working, which I am, most of the time. Like, non-stop.

4 thoughts on “*How I spend my time.

  1. You are WAY too hard on yourself (even in fun). You are so pretty and God did not make his “little angel” to be anything else. Did you finish your Beth Moore book, remember to set your mind to “up and out” and not in and down.
    I know that sounds a little like the pot talking to the kettle, but I am working on my “up and out” and my “book”. : )
    BTW: Which would you rather be, the pot or the kettle? or Ginger, MaryAnn or Mrs. Howell? 😀
    Love you!

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