How far I’ve sunk.

Last night, laying in bed, I thought..”I need to do something different, shake things up a bit. I’m in a rut.” Cause I’m slowly morphing into a lazy slug and will one day move the laptop, attempt to get off the sofa, only to find that me and the couch are one. Yuck. So my big change – the big “shake things up” idea? I got up and showered. No sitting around in my pj’s when I can sit around in my fat jeans and t-shirt.

And even though I cleaned three rooms of my house yesterday, actually wiping down surfaces and sweeping, by 3:00 my coffee table looks like this.


My kitchen is a wreck, there are clothes to put away,  I’ve still got hours and hours of work to do, and Facebook is calling my name! I need an intervention.

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