Hot With a Chance of Heat

Also known as, What I Did on the Hottest Weekend EVER. Is it just me or is the sun cooking on HIGH? Moon and I drove into town on Friday for her dental appointment; it was 98 degrees and we melted. The end. Just kidding, we only suffered a mild case of heatstroke and a touch of “why did I buy a BLACK car” itis. That is a real medical issue in Atlanta.  The good news is that Moon had no cavities and I had no invoice. Whew, dental insurance that actually covers something. Thank YOU. To celebrate, we went to Krispy Cream because it was Free Doughnut Day and that is a big deal around this house. Is it worrisome that I go straight from the dentist to the doughnut shop? I blame the heat.

Later, the Brownies had a “Year-End-Play-In-The-Water” extravaganza and I dropped Moon off so I could go to Publix because my life really is that exciting. They had some new frozen yogurt on sale and I had four coupons –

It was so hot I opened my box in the car and ate my melting Popsicle while driving home. It was YUMMY. Seriously, I immediately started calling all of my coupon friends and asking if they were planning on using THEIR coupons cause I had used all mine and was about to commit coupon fraud by drawing one in crayola and trying to pass it off at my local grocery. The heat is bringing the crazy. Alas, they were planning on keeping their coupons for their own selfish reasons. I need more lactose-intolerant friends!

Saturday we went to a birthday party for one of Moon’s friends at the skating rink. I left for about an hour to run an errand and when I came back seems that the birthday girl opened OUR present only to find, a zsu zsu pet, a zsu zsu drive-in movie theater, AND the spare keys to a 10 year old Mercedes. Happy Birthday! Heat = CRAZY. It’s true.

Afterward, we came home to soak ourselves in the pool. Ammo Guy brought his kids over, I stole Moon’s BFF from the birthday party, and some friends brought over their niece and nephew, ages 9 and 7. It was a tween party! Remarkably, even with five girls and only one boy, no drama ensued. I guess the heat had whipped everyone into submission.

Sunday we went to church, then came home and huddled around the air conditioning vents. You know it’s hot when children don’t even want to get into a pool. And finally we landed at Ammo Guy’s house for dinner. Over Pa’s Famous Rib Sauce, I told JD and Ammo Guy’s wife about the time my family came to Atlanta and how Ammo Guy and Tania-the-Mad fought the ENTIRE time. To make matters worse, Tania was probably 27 and AG about 15. So I’m telling about how, TWENTY-FOUR years ago they were fighting because Tania said the car we had passed was pronounced OW-Dee and AG said no, it was OH-Dee. On and on they went until I thought I was going to lose my mind!

Then my brother pipes up, “It was a Saab, and I was just messing with her. I knew how to pronounce it the whole time.”

It could be the heat.  It could also be heredity. Either way, I’m in trouble.

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  1. I love my family they keep things so interesting. No boring days with them around.

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