Horn Removal

For some reason, I thought cutting open my head and removing a cyst would be pain-free. Once I was laying back in the chair with 2 doctors and 2 attendants over me and the sound of a cauterizing tool filled the air, I began to rethink things. The numbing gel wore off about 15 minutes after I left, and I came home and collapsed onto the couch.( Sidebar: I am REALLY glad that I’ve never had to go through childbirth.)

JD ran to the store to get me some Tylenol because they said I shouldn’t take Ibuprofen and you should listen to doctors when they tell you things. They also told me not to drink any alcohol. There are exceptions to every rule, amiright Kittens? So now I’m resting lightly with a glass of Sweet Tea vodka in my hand and an icepack on my head. I. Am. Sexy.

My mother was concerned that I drove myself home from the surgery, but all was well. JD’s working tomorrow, but I have a list of things NOT to do, like lean my head over, wash my hair, exercise, or clean my house. It’s like I’ve been training for this my whole life.

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  1. I am glad you are feeling well enough to blog but sad that you are not my little unicorn anymore. Love you.

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