Hope for the Unemployed

The economy got you down? Convinced you’ll never work again? Don’t worry – just be an artist!

For the Stay-at-Home Mom:

This lovely sculpture cost almost nothing to make and has been featured online, in prominent galleries, and in magazines. It’s made out of nail clippings and baby teeth, a perfect project for women with lots of children, struggling to make ends meet.

Don’t have children?

Art Anyone Can Do except the Lactose Intolerant:

This sweet piece of work sells for $2400.00 dollars and is made by drinking glasses of milk, doctored with food coloring. Oh yeah, then you have to VOMIT it onto the canvas. The only drawback I see is the high cost of milk, but at 2400 bucks a pop, I guess it’s worth it.

Not a dairy fan?

Perfect for The Man of the House:

This costs a little more to do since it uses real paint. But the good news is that this artist has found a great way to save on brushes. He uses his own “brush”. And by “brush”, I mean “men will use any excuse to pull an Anthony Weiner.” And by “Anthony Weiner”, oh never mind.

The full list of cool art is HERE.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to clean out my bathroom drain and glue it to a canvas. $1200 bucks and it could be yours!

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