Hook ‘Em Horns

That’s Dallas, right? I’m laying in my hotel room, looking out my big glass window at the Dallas skyline. If you read of a Dallas blogger lamenting women who walk around their hotels with their extended bellies hanging out, you’ll know he’s the lucky dude in the high rise condo across the street.

I got to the Atlanta airport today at one o’clock, sat around for an hour at the sweltering gate, (Hey, Hartsfield, turn on your air conditioning!) THEN sat on the tarmac for another hour, and THEN flew all around Texas in order to avoid thunderstorms that were surrounding the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. If there is one thing I enjoy more than flying, it’s flying during a thunderstorm. After an hour in the shuttle bus which made TWO stops before depositing me at the hotel, I ate three fish tacos and am now bloated, relaxed and ready for bed.

My life is fascinating. Why am I in Dallas? My friend, Lori and I are here on a SCHOLARSHIP. That’s right, Focus on the Family gave me a scholarship to a Christian LEADERSHIP Conference. I am special. I think it has something to do with my post from yesterday and my deep insight into what the 21st century church should be.

Or Lori got to bring someone and she picked me.

She may be rethinking that decision. Especially since when she called room service, we got so tickled, she literally COULD NOT SPEAK. Which is why we only got ONE pecan pie instead of two. Since it’s a Christian conference, and it was OUR fault, I thought I’d forgo the cuss fight.

I’ll keep you posted on all the things I learn this week. By the way, I’m not TEACHING at the Christian Leadership Conference, I’m an attendee. Just in case you were confused.

3 thoughts on “Hook ‘Em Horns

  1. Lisa,
    It was great seeing you on Easter! I thought you looked thin and darling!!

    Hook em Horns is the University of Texas in Austin.


  2. Then I should stop giving everyone the two fingers out symbol? Does Dallas have any cool catch-phrases?

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