Homeschool Lesson of the Week – Taxation

I love doing fun stuff and calling it school. It’s way more fun to make a cake and call it SCIENCE, than to read from a boring textbook. And great homeschool mom’s are always looking for “teachable moments”.  Or so I’ve been told. MEDIOCRE  homeschool mom’s are always looking for ways to turn what THEY want to do into something they can call school. Case in point – The American Tea Party.

Yesterday, people all across the nation gathered to protest the financial decisions being made by our government. Like signing a stimulus package full of pork, without READING it, raising taxes on businesses when unemployment is already on the rise, bailing out faulty mortgages, etc. So we used it as an opportunity to drive to the Capitol and introduce Rachel to TAXATION, PROTESTS, and POLICE OFFICERS.


This was taken right before the Police Officer made us move.   Other homeschooled kids –


Cool hats. And they say homeschooled kids are weird. The sign in the middle said, When I grow up, I want to be Free!”


There were lots of people considering it was POURING.


Some nice stranger gave me and Rachel ponchos, but we were sopping wet. JD had to lift her over the streams of water.


Not everyone loves hanging in the rain.


After the event, we ate lunch at The OK Cafe. YUMMY. Then drove our soaking selves home, took  hot showers, and put on our pj’s. At 3:00. Ahh, gotta love homeschooling.

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