Holy Sunday

A friend asked me recently why I don’t post something of a faith nature. Here’s why: I am HORRIBLE at writing about things of faith. There’s a writing community online, where you are given writing assignments and critiqued. It’s called Faith Writers. I can NOT do it. It always sounds lame, like I’m trying to write a Spiritual Hallmark card. Occasionally, I’ll put on the worship music and try to make up my own psalm. Not good. In fact, I’m pretty sure if Heaven has anything like You Tube, I’ve gone viral.

So, instead, I’ll just SHOW you something of a faith nature. That works, right?

Behold, the Cardboard Testimony. These are going on all around the country, real people, real churches, real stories.

JD and I did one at our church. I can’t remember what our signs said. Probably something like, “Was Medium Holy, Now Wholly Holy”. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that was it.

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