Holy Sunday- Update

I’ve stopped writing Holy Sunday blog posts, or Stupid Saturdays for that matter, in an effort to use my time more wisely. Yeah, that’s really paying off. But I have been meaning to update on my VOW To Read the Bible All the Way Through without Reading Anything Else vow. I mentioned said vow to my pastor and he’s like, “WHAT IS UP WITH YOU AND THESE VOWS?”

The really good pastors speak in all caps.

I don’t know WHY I make vows, but I’m guessing it’s 30% legalistic, and 70% how else will I ever actually DO it? Then my pastor said, *”Have you read about the dude in the Old Testament who vowed to sacrifice the first thing that came out of his house to the Lord, and it was his daughter?”

Information I could have used BEFORE the vow. Anyway, I started on October 30th and I’m using the Chronological One Year Bible. I’m on July 26th, which means I’m a little ahead of schedule. I’m not going to lie, it was tough going in the beginning. Genesis and Exodus I’ve heard a bazillion times, and JOB, well, let’s just say a book editor would be like, “Uh, you’ve got to cut some characters. These friends are annoying.” But once I got into David, things starting going a lot faster.  The bible is interesting.I should tell someone. This thing could really catch on.

*My pastor actually knew the NAME of the vow maker/daughter sacrificer. Which google says is Jephthah.

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