Holy Sunday

I have an embarrassing confession to make. Today I cleaned our bookshelves, and even though we own FOURTEEN bibles, I’ve never actually read one the whole way through. Pathetic, I know.

14 bibles and an entire shelf full of Christian topics like fasting, fear, money, abortion, and by authors like Lucado, Piper, Alcorn, and NYSEWANDER, and yet I’m the girl saying, “You know that thing in the bible about what good would it be to love people that are easy to love? It’s in there somewhere, look around.”

So despite the fact that I have a brand new NOOK and can instantly download books without shipping, I’m refusing to read another book, Christian, fiction, or non-fiction, until I finish reading the entire bible from cover to cover.

Who’s with me? I have one or thirteen you can borrow.

3 thoughts on “Holy Sunday

  1. hey, so you’ve heard of P90x,right? Well, there is this B90x going around? Do you want a copy? A checklist, a 90 day read the whole Bible thing. Let me know. 🙂

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