Holy Sunday

We went to dinner this weekend with a lovely family. We met the Cerny’s at least 10 years ago; their kids couldn’t have been more than 6 and 8. Now their oldest, Sara, is 18 and about to graduate and head off to college. It doesn’t seem possible!

Sara and her youth group just got back from a trip to Romania. She worked with kids in an orphanage, visited children at the hospital, and helped kids in a Gypsy village. The students gave their testimonies, handed out blankets and conducted a VBS for the kids.

Sara said it was FREEZING, and here she is holding a precious child ┬áthat’s wearing one, thin, ripped shirt. How sad is that? How blessed are we?

Sara has a heart for God and it blesses everyone she knows. From the special-needs children that she works with at school, to my daughter who Sara treats like a princess. I am so proud of her! And it encourages me to know that you can raise good, God-loving children in this crazy world.

Be encouraged.

2 thoughts on “Holy Sunday

  1. Ya’ll mean so very much to me!! and I sure do love MP!! Lisa… I know without a doubt you will have the time of your life!! Our Heavenly Father is truly amazing!! It was so hard for me to leave and come home, b/c I felt like I hadn’t loved these children enough… but God was right there to remind me that no matter where I am in the world, He has and will ALWAYS care for His little ones!! But through His words I was blessed to share His love with these sweet babies and they will FOREVER be in my Heart as I pray they will ALL come to accept Jesus into their’s! It is an opportunity like no other and as God taught me, my heart finally felt at home with His precious children! Now… I just wait and continue praying to see what exactly He has in store for me! Love to the Tyre family and M on the Mountain!!! <3 <3 <3

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