Holy Sunday

A few years ago, a woman in our small group suggested a book, saying it had transformed her life! So I bought it.


Cheaply, at WalMart. It IS really good. And one of the things that has stuck with me through the years is the priority list. She writes,

One way to simplify your moment-by-moment decision making might be to assign your priorities these numbers:

1. God

2. Your Husband

3. Your children

4. Your home

5. Your spiritual growth

6. Your ministry activities

7. Other activities

Let me show you how this works. Your children (3) have just arrived home from school and you’re praying and snacking and talking about the day. The phone rings. It’s not your husband (2), which means it is either a ministry (6), a friend (7), or a salesperson (*@!). The decision is simple. You don’t leave the #3 priority to tend to the #6, #7 or lower priority.

I think about it a lot when I’m spending time with the MoonPie and the email alert on my computer dings.

Food for thought.

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