Holy Pilgrimage

I was called to India for holy purposes. I spent a great deal of my time praying, getting to know the locals, and basically bringing joy to everyone I met. It was why He called me there. I sought a deeper, more meaningful relationship with the Creator.

I’m sure that’s why the rest of the team went too.

6 thoughts on “Holy Pilgrimage

  1. The Creator doesn’t have a branch office in Georgia?

    I thought he took over the GA area once Johnny won the golden fiddle and sent the Devil packing.

  2. I guess Ammo guy at least has time to read other blogs and comment on them if he doesn’t have time to do his own. For that we can be thankful.

  3. Glad the others got the spotlight too. When are you going to post the pictures of you drinking the 2 liter of fanta, eating “death by chocolate” at the corner shop, and sitting in the recliner at the gold class theater getting waited on- O holy one (=

  4. Kim, Kim, Kim -I think the heat got to you. I don’t know WHAT you’re talking about. But I’m probably still traumatized by the Unlucky Duck game you planned that resulted in two injuries. I may need counseling for the stress.

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