Holy Monday

My upcoming trip must be having an effect on me. Two holy days in a row – what will the Lord do next?

I spent the weekend playing tennis with my good friend and tennis partner, Sharon. We’ve been partners for over SIXTEEN years. In ALTA, that’s unheard of. But we decided years ago that we’d rather lose together, than win with other people. Sharon is a great Christian, a great mom, and a great friend. For sixteen years, just before we begin to play, she’s put her arm around my shoulders and prayed for us. Without fail, she thanks God for ME. Me, the girl that used to show up hung over with some goofy boy on my arm.

I asked her recently how she put up with me, back then, before I turned into the awesome, Christian role model that I am today. She said, “I loved you.” My friend LOVED me, as I was. While she never preached to me, she did show me a better way to live. I’m blessed to know her. And now, on the rare occasion that she is unavailable and I have to play with someone else, I always take a moment, put my arm around their shoulders, and pray.

Sharon turned the tennis court into a ministry. Where is yours? It’s wherever you ARE.

Be encouraged.

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