Hip, Wholesome, Original

Our dear friend, Sara came home from college on Friday and spent the night with US because we’re super cool. Hello? College kids have a lot of options, they don’t waste time with people that aren’t hip. We decided to do as the hip kids do and go to Starbucks.

While this IS a picture of Sara and the hubby, I was actually trying to get a photo of the crowd. We just wanted something to drink and a place to sit, is that too much to ask? Every table was taken by some free-loading wifi user. Every. Table. Get an office, people! We had to sit outside. In the WEATHER.

Later we had dinner,  and watched Jane Eyre.

Normally we would just have sat on the couch and watched Jeopardy but we wanted to keep things exciting for her.

On Saturday I took Moon to Red Top Mountain where she enjoyed a day at the park with the church group then I went for an adult outing to Whole Foods.

My friend Kathryn gave me the full tour of all things organic and I’m looking forward to shopping there on a regular basis as soon as our loan from the bank comes through.

Because the Tyres have a rule that every minute of the weekend must be filled, after we picked Moon UP from Red Top Mountain, we went straight to another event. Her riding barn had a fall festival and costume party.

Moon won Most Original Costume. It looks simple enough, but she would walk up to people and ask, “Do you know what I am?”  They’d say, “A cloud?” At which point she’d pull out a water bottle and spray them, saying “Cloudy with a chance of rain!” It was a big hit.

The fact that we stole this ORIGINAL idea from Alaska Ashleigh who wore it two years ago didn’t bother us at all.

Maybe I should rethink this post’s title.

2 thoughts on “Hip, Wholesome, Original

  1. Wow!! Moon won the contest!! Awesome way to end a WONDERFUL weekend!! Sure had fun with my hip, wholesome, and original godparents 😛 love ya’ll to pieces!!

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