I was walking through WalMart last week, relishing the fact that I was alone and unhurried, when it occurred to me that the things that make me happy today are much different than they were in my twenties. Back then, a Friday night Happy Hour and a Dress Barn credit card were more my speed. Now, I leave those exciting adventures to others. Here’s a few things that happened today that made my day special.

1. I got to work while watching a Wimbledon semi-finals match on television. Azarenka won, whoo hoo!

2. Church time with the Lady Radicals rocked. We decided to get even MORE radical.

3. While dumpster diving for coupons, I found a cute rug in earth tones. Total score!

4. My brother had a minor emergency and asked me to pick up Baby Allison from daycare. I got to kiss her about the head and shoulders repeatedly.

5. My brother asked if they mentioned her diarrhea. I got to hand her to JD and go play bridge.

6. Uh, BRIDGE?

I think I know why this blog isn’t more popular. It’s just too exciting for the regular person to relate to.

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